Through my workshops, budding artists are encouraged to experiment with tools and materials in unique and innovative ways. It is my goal to foster creative thinking in both children and adults by introducing art and natural materials, building relationships with these materials, and developing expressive, cognitive, and communicative languages for artists' new and innovative ideas.


Give voice to your inner artist and




My name is Savonia Guy, pronounced "saw-vo-knee-a," and I am a Kindergarten Teacher, an Early Childhood Educator, and an Atelierista. My degree is in Early Childhood, with a Masters in Education, and have a Multi-Subject Teaching Credential. In addition to my love for early childhood education, I have had a passion for art my entire life. It is because of my knowledge of children that I can support and foster the needs and creativity of the whole child through the languages of art. 



The materials I use are carefully chosen to invite open-ended exploration. Traditional materials such as paint, pens, and clay line the shelves, along with wire, charcoals, pastels, recycled items, found objects, and natural materials like dried leaves and flowers, shells, stones, and sticks. Different mediums, colors, textures, and tools are provided and artisans are encouraged to put these materials to use in ways that inspire and excite them.


Creativity is a bridge to learning. When children explore and encounter an obstacle, it is through their creative thinking that they problem-solve and become confident and reflective learners. It is my goal to foster their creative thinking by introducing art and natural materials, helping children build relationships with these materials, and helping them develop expressive, cognitive, and communicative languages for their new and innovative ideas.


Through the Make Create With Savonia workshops, artisans are encouraged to experiment with the available tools and materials in unique and innovative ways. Come give voice to your inner artisan and create with us!


Children 12 months through 6 years!

Children are curious, spontaneous, and creative! They explore art as a learning experience, discovering what is exciting and engaging to them. During these workshops,  they will explore a variety of art materials through the many invitations presented to them. While they are exploring, they will discover their independence, take artistic risks, and share their wonder and joy in creating process-based art. 


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During Art Exploration, children will have the opportunity to create, think, connect, and communicate in various ways that foster their creative intelligence. There will be many invitations to explore watercolors, paint, charcoal, clay, and S.T.E.A.M-inspired 2D and 3D structures.  Students will be challenged to create, experiment, and discover new and innovative ideas.

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